What to Look for in Sandblasting Cabinets

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If you own a small industrial business, one of the pieces of equipment you may need is a sandblasting cabinet. There are some generic cabinets on the market that will fulfil all your basic sandblasting needs. If you are looking for cabinets that offer more than simple generic options and will last for many years to come, there are features to look for. Here are a few of those features and what you need to know about each one.

Foot Pedal Operations

One of the key features to look for in a sandblasting cabinet is a foot pedal. The foot pedal can help make the job go smoother than traditional operation controls. Keep in mind that some cabinets require you to remove your hands from the device and stop or start the controls. This takes time out of the process. You also may have to digitally input different commands depending on what you are working on. With the foot pedal operation, you can make changes. Some foot pedals will have basic controls that simply stop and start the sandblasting. However, others will have multiple functions to help make quick changes without pausing the process.

Abrasive Options

Depending on the project, you may use different grades or even types of abrasives for the blasting. This means you will need to have a sandblasting cabinet that can handle multiple abrasives. This relates to the material of the abrasive as well as the grade of the abrasive. Before you begin looking for the right cabinet, make sure that you know the grades and material you will be using most often. This will help you narrow down which cabinets may not be suitable for your needs.

Replacement Components

One aspect of sandblasting cabinets that contractors may overlook are replacement components. Look for sandblasting cabinets that offer easy to find and replace replacement components. By knowing if the parts are replaceable, easy to find and easy to install you can save time on your labour costs. This means more people and machines are working on sandblasting projects instead of working on the repairs or waiting on parts. 

If you are ready to buy your sandblasting cabinet, visit your local industrial equipment supplier. You can look for the specific features that work best for you. You can also narrow down your options based on these features. A representative can help you with any questions you have. They can also make suggestions for other features you should consider or related equipment purchases.