Tips On The Safe Installation and Maintenance Of Football Goal Posts

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If you have some free space on your property and your kids love to play football, you might want to create a football pitch for them.  One of the most important parts of a football pitch is the goal posts.  However, it's crucial that you choose well-made, robust goal posts and make sure that you install them correctly so that they remain durable and safe for your kids to use.

Here's how to install steel goal posts correctly.

Choice and installation of goal posts

First of all, it's important that you source your goal posts from a reputable manufacturer, rather than making your own.  Professional crafted goal posts are designed to safely withstand the rigours of the game, whereas your own homemade version might not.  

Regardless of whether your goal posts are portable or permanent, they must be well-anchored in the ground.  If you are intending to site your goal posts permanently, you must sink them into concrete reinforced holes.  If you're not confident enough to do this yourself, always ask your supplier or a professional contractor to carry out the work for you.

If you've chosen portable goal posts, always take them down and disassemble them when they won't be in use for long periods of time.  If possible, store the posts somewhere dry.  This helps to avoid unnecessary weathering and will help the goal posts to last longer.

In the case of permanently fitted goal posts, remember to inspect them at the beginning of each season before they are used.  Check for any obvious damage or wear and tear and always have the posts repaired as necessary before your kids begin using them.

Safe use of the goal posts

Before you let your kids loose on your new footie pitch, it's important that you lay down some ground rules.  Make it clear to your kids that swinging on the goal posts or climbing up them is not allowed.  Even if you've installed the goal posts correctly, there's still an outside chance that a post could break or collapse, causing injury.

When fitting nets to your goal posts, always use the plastic clips or Velcro tapes provided. Never substitute these items for metal cup hooks, which can be extremely dangerous.

You can provide your kids with a safe and practical football pitch by choosing professionally manufactured goal posts.  Be sure to follow the supplier's installation instructions carefully, and if you are unsure how to proceed, contact them for advice.

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