Powder Coating Automotive Parts - How Does It Work?

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Powder coating involves a process that coats objects with a fine powder made up of pigment and ground resin. The resin is made by grinding paint to form fine particles and is one of the best ways to coat automotive parts with precision. The process is relatively simple and involves parts being placed on a rack and then sprayed with a powder coating gun. The parts are then placed in an industrial oven to heat and cure the powder coating

Why Is Preparation Important During The Powder Coating Process?

As with many painting and coating procedures, the right level of preparation is key to a durable and quality finish. Powder coating is no exception. Each automotive part must be properly prepared before being coated and must be free from any dust, dirt, oil or paint. Sandblasting equipment is often used to achieve a perfectly clean finish. Some smaller or more delicate parts may be cleaned with chemicals or by hand. Items are then baked in an oven to remove all traces of moisture. A de-greasing agent is then applied to the bare metal to prevent corrosion. 

What Are The Advantages Of Powder Coating?

Powder coating is often used in the finishing of automotive parts because it gives a uniform and durable finish. Some parts are made up of quite complex or hard to reach components. Precision painting using a powder coating gun can ensure these areas receive an even coating of paint. Powder coating can be used on many materials, including aluminium, zinc and steel. This type of painting is often used as it allows the part to outperform and outlast parts that have been painted traditionally. Powder coating is also available in hundreds of different colours, so it's perfect for the auto trade where custom colours and paint matching is imperative to the finished product. 

Powder coating can be applied to a wide range of auto parts, including trim parts, bumpers, wheels, valve covers, engine parts, coil springs, brake components, strut bars and many other parts. Many manufacturers are also getting wise to the new trend in colour coding parts, and stock a wide variety of parts in different colours. 

Whether you are a manufacturer looking to paint parts with precision or a vehicle owner looking to customise your vehicle inside and out, powder coating is one of the best ways to achieve a uniform finish that lasts for years.