Do you have waste oil for disposal?

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Every business generates some waste. It might be off-cuts of wood or metal, or perhaps your company uses a lot of paper or cardboard packaging. If you have an industrial or manufacturing business, one of the most common waste products is oil. You might use oil for many purposes in machinery or vehicles, but there will always be times that the oil needs to be changed, and then you must engage waste oil disposal services. You can't pour waste oil down the drain or empty it onto the nearest piece of waste ground. As a responsible business owner, you must find a company that collects waste oil and disposes of it safely. Often, waste oil can be recycled so it doesn't end up in a landfill site.

Finding a waste oil disposal company

When you need to dispose of oil, there are two things that you need to know about the company you choose. You must be assured that the company is prepared to take away the type of oil you have at a time that suits you, and you must know that they will dispose of the oil responsibly.

Will they take your oil? 

Not all waste oil is the same. There is oil from cooking, light oil, heavy oil, contaminated oil and numerous other criteria that could affect what happens to your waste oil. In most cases, the waste oil disposal company will take your oil, but you must check with them in advance. A related question is whether the company can collect the oil at a convenient time. If you only have a small waste oil disposal requirement, timing may not be a huge concern, but if you are collecting a lot of oil every day, you won't want it to build up too much between collections.

Will they dispose of the oil correctly? 

Ensuring that the oil is safely and legally disposed of must be a central concern. Before engaging any waste oil disposal company, check that they will be a good fit for your business. Ask them what happens to the oil and whether it is recycled or dealt with in another way. Ideally, you will want the oil to be correctly refined and then recycled and used in the manufacture of oil-based products, such as lubricant base oils. To find out what could happen to your waste oil, speak to your local waste oil disposal company today.